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2016 East Shore Minors Game Schedule Link
  1. Any player coming out of fourth grade, or still age 10 on April 30, is eligible to play.
  2. Evening games will begin at 6:15 PM.  See schedule for any changes by town. All games will be 6 innings long.  Innings will be limited to a maximum of six runs per team.
  3. If it rains, an official game is a 4 full innings, 3 ½ if home team is ahead.
  4. Games are to be called off by the home team at least one hour before game time.
  5. The home team furnishes both the home plate and base umpires and the game balls. Umpires shall be at least 14 years old.  “Addition to the rule” For tournaments the umpires shall be 15 years old with at least one umpire being 18. (2013).  Before each game coaches and umpires will meet to discuss and clarify rules as well as strike zone.
  6. The visiting team shall be allowed to take infield practice 15 minutes before game time.
  7. A team roster should be available upon request that has grade, age, and name of players by the third game of season.  The number of players on a roster is unlimited.
  8. The pitcher’s mound will be 46 feet measured from the front of the pitcher’s rubber to the rear of home plate.
  9. Sportsmanship and skill development are to be stressed at all times.
  10. The number of player on the roster is unlimited.  Team rosters should be sent the League Vice President- Minors by June 1st showing name, age, birth date and grade of the player.  Team roster is required for Tournaments.  Players must play at least 3 games before they become eligible for the Tournament. (2015)
  11. It is the coach’s decision to use either 3 or 4 outfielders.
  12. A player who leaves the game may re-enter at once in any “Defensive Position” however they must re-enter in their original batting order.
  13. A team that starts without an AH must maintain 9 in the batting order (or 10 if using 4 outfielders).  Addition to the rule - A team may opt to bat their entire team to make substitution easier.
  14. There shall be no physical interference by coaches. Interference will result in the player being out.
  15. Batters and runners must wear full helmets. Fase mask is optional.  Chin straps are not required.  Cages are allowed (2015)
  16. Metal Cleats are not allowed.
  17. There is no limit on the weight, length or type (metal or wood) of bats used.  However, there is a limit on the width of 2-1/4 inches.
  18. Catchers must wear complete outfits at all times including cup while catching.
  19. A pitcher may pitch a maximum of 2 innings per game.  These innings must be consecutive. One pitch made in an inning will count as a full inning.  If due to unforeseen circumstances, a pitcher may be allowed to re-enter if talked about and agreed upon by both coaches. (Revised 8/22/16- was 3 innings)
  20. There is no balk rule.  Curve balls are not allowed (discretion of the umpire).
  21. There is no infield fly rule.
  22. Razzing opponents or false tags will not be allowed.
  23. A count of 4 balls and 3 strikes will be used.
  24. The batter is automatically out on strike three, whether or not if the catcher holds on to the third strike.
  25. Bunting and sliding are permitted.
  26. On a pitch a batter is not allowed to square to bunt and then swing to hit the ball.  Batter will be called out.  If a pitcher stops delivery on a batter that squares to bunt the ball will be called dead and the play will reset.
  27. Stealing is allowed after the ball crosses the plate.  Runners will be allowed to advance to 3rd base.  Runners will not be allowed to steal home.  If a runner attempts to steal third and there is an overthrow the runner is allowed to steal home.  Runners on third can only advance home on a walk, hit ball, or if an attempt is made to throw out a runner at third.  After a 6 run advantage stealing is not allowed for the team ahead.(Revised 8/22/16)
  28. A player is not out for turning the wrong way at first base.  If the player breaks for second, he can be put out.
  29. Base runners must stay on their bases until the pitched ball has been batted or reaches the batter.  If a runner leaves a base ahead of time the runner will be called out.
  30. On a missed base, no appeal is to be made. The play is called out at the umpire’s discretion.
  31. A player may advance and score after tagging up on a caught fly ball.
  32. If a ball is thrown out of play the runner or runners may only advance one base beyond the base they were going to.
  33. No player may intentionally run over the catcher at the plate.  If this occurs the runner will be called out.  If the play is at home plate, it is up to the catcher to clear the base path and the runner does not have to slide (discretion of the umpire).
  34. A player can only score after a hit ball.  A play does not end until the ball is dead.  Deleted 8/22/16
  35. Defensive player can’t talk to batter.
  36. A pitcher is allowed to wear a pitching helmet. All defensive players are allowed to where defensive head gear. (2015)
  37. Host tournament club will run a Championship /Consolation Bracket Tournament.  The host club will random draw brackets.
  38. For tournaments, if the host club does not keep an official book it will be the responsibility of the home team to keep the official book. It is encouraged that both teams keep book. After each inning both teams should compare books or when visiting team asks. (2013)
  39. East Shore League Vice President- Minors, would be any designated person from the club hosting the Minors Tournament.  This Vice President- Minors is also responsible for completing the Minors Schedule after completion of the Little League Schedule.  This Vice President- Minors will also serve on the Game Protest Committee for Little League and Minors League. Failure to meet this obligation will result in the forfeiture of their respective tournament and the team next on the list will get to choose if they want to host and fill the postion as Vice President.  If they pass the league will go down the list until a club accepts.  A club that doesn not wish to host will not lose their spot on the tournament rotation. (2015)
  40. Any new club joining the Minors league will enter the Tournament rotation at the end of the current ten year cycle. (2015)
  41. It is suggested that at a minimum, individual awards are presented to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Consolation Champion teams.  Team awards are optional. (2015)
  42. Teams fees will not be charged by the East Shore League for any Minors level team. (2015)
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