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  1. Any player coming out of second grade is eligible to play. Beginning age is up to the coaches of the individual teams.
  2.  Evening games will begin at 5:00 PM.  All games will be 5 innings long. Innings will be limited to a maximum of 12 batters per team.  All available players will bat in order.
  3. If it rains, an official game is a 4 full innings, 3 ½ if home team is ahead.
  4. Games are to be called off by the home team at least one hour before game time.
  5. The home team furnishes both the home plate and base umpires and the game balls. Umpires shall be at least 14 years old.  (2013)
  6. The visiting team shall be allowed to take infield practice 15 minutes before game time.
  7. The home team sets the ground rules before the game.  This meeting will include coaches and umpires to clarify rules. The umpire is there to track pitches/strikes and make calls in the field and bases.  Also to assist in moving the game swiftly along.  (2015)
  8. Sportsmanship and skill development are to be stressed at all times.
  9. If a scorebook is used, only innings should be shown and not the runs scored for either team.
  10. Every player shall play at least 2 innings on defense during the game.
  11. Every player will bat in order on offense.
  12. The defensive team will field a regulation infield and up to six or seven outfielders.
  13. RE-ENTRY RULE:  A player who leaves the game may re-enter at once, in any defense position.
  14. A player the plays two consecutive games on a Minors team will not be penalized if that midget team is in need of players.  At no time will it be acceptable to bring Rookies players to take positions away from Minors aged players. (2015)
  15. Batters and runners must wear full helmets. Face mask is optional. Chin straps not required. Caged helmets are allowed (2015)
  16. Metal Cleats are not allowed.
  17. There is no limit on the weight, length or type (metal or wood) of bats used. Width max is 2-1/4”. No “Big Barrel” or “Double Barrel” bats allowed.
  18. Catchers must wear complete outfits at all times while catching.
  19. A ball, which is hit sharply at the defensive pitcher's helper and stopped by the pitching coach to protect the defensive player, will result in the batter taking first base.  Only base runners forced to advance by the batter taking first base may do so.
  20. There is no infield fly rule.
  21. There are no walks.  The emphasis is to be on hitting.  Each batter will be allowed 10 pitches or 5 strikes, whichever comes first, before being called out.  An at bat cannot end on a foul ball that isn’t caught.  If a foul ball is caught, the batter is out. (2015)
  22. A strike is defined as any pitch swung at and missed, or fouled off.  (2016)
  23. Bunting is not allowed.  Sliding is permitted.
  24. A player is not out for turning the wrong way at first base.  If the player breaks for second, he can be put out.
  25. Base runners must stay on their bases until the pitched ball has been batted or crosses the plate.  If a runner leaves a base ahead of time, the runner will be called out after one prior warning per game.
  26. A runner may be tagged out if off the base.
  27. On a missed base, no appeal is to be made.  The base coach is to tell the umpire who in turn calls the runner out.
  28. A player may advance and score after tagging up on a caught fly ball.
  29. If a ball is over thrown, whether in fair or foul territory, the runner or runners cannot advance.
  30. Runners can no longer advance once a ball thrown from the outfield either crosses the infield base lines, or is cut off by an infielder.  Runners already in the process at least of advancing at least to the next base prior to this happening may still advance, but are doing so at risk of being out. Runners can attempt to score on a ground ball hit in the infield. (2015)
  31. There are no automatic outs.  If two runners are on the same base they must be tagged to be out.
  32. A runner cannot advance home on an over throw and can only score after a hit ball.  A play does not end until the ball is dead.
  33. No player may intentionally run over the catcher at the plate.  If this occurs the runner will be called out.  If the play is at home plate, it is up to the catcher to clear the base path and the runner does not have to slide (discretion of the umpire).
  34. A run that scores after the hitter makes first base counts if it is scored before the hitter is put out.
  35. A pitcher’s helper is allowed to wear a pitching helmet. All defensive players may where defensive head gear. (2015)
  36. For tournaments, if the host club does not keep an official book it will be the responsibility of the home team to keep the official book. It is encouraged that both teams keep book. After each inning both teams should compare books or when visiting team asks. (2013)
  37. East Shore League Vice President- Rookies, would be any designated person from the club hosting the Rookies Tournament.  This Vice President- Rookies is also responsible for completing the Rookies Schedule after completion of the Minors Schedule.  This Vice President- Rookies will also serve on the Game Protest Committee for Little League and Minors League. (2015)
  38. Any new club joining the Rookies league will enter the Tournament rotation at the end of the current ten year cycle. (2015)
  39. One Coach is allowed in the outfield during the Regular Season.  No Coaches allowed there during the Tournament. (2015)
  40. During Regular Season Home team decides and is allowed to run a score board during game.  Score should be turned off or frozen should one team take a 15 run advantage. (2015)
  41. It is suggested that at a minimum, individual awards are presented to the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and Consolation Champion teams.  Team awards are optional. (2015)
  42. The number of players on the roster is unlimited.  Team Rosters should be sent to the League Vice President by June 1st.  Showing name, age, birth date and grade of player.  Team Roster is required for Tournaments.  Players must play at least 3 games before they are eligible for the tournament. (2015)
  43. Host tournament club will run a Championship/Consolation Bracket Tournament.  The host club, will randomly draw brackets. (2015)
  44. Teams’ fees will not be charged by the East Shore League for any Rookie Level team. (2015)
  45. The pitcher’s helper must be standing 4 feet from the pitcher’s rubber at the start of each pitch (2016).
  46. During the tournament, a team must start the game with at least 9 players or take a forfeit (2016).
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