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Girls C Team

 1. The coach will pitch to his/her own players. The coach will not field the ball. A player from the opposing team will play near the pitcher’s mound to field the ball. 
2. No walks. Five swinging strikes for a strike out or maximum 10 pitches for “strike” out- unless the 10th pitch is a foul ball. 
3. 5 innings or a 1 hour and 15 minute time limit. 
4. Bat throwing is not allowed. An individual shall be warned the first time, the second offense is an out. 
5. Three outs per inning or a maximum of 10 batters per inning. Every batter will be in the batting lineup regardless of whether or not they are playing in the field. 
6. Runners may not leave a base until the ball crosses the plate. 
7. If a ball is overthrown, whether fair or foul territory, the runner or runners cannot advance. (Must be hit in to score) 
8. If the coach pitching gets hit by or hits a ball it is still a live ball. 
9. A team shall consist of a minimum of 9 players. A maximum of 13 players may be on the field at one time. Each girl must play a minimum of one full inning. Every girl bats before the lineup is repeated. Outfielders MUST play at least 15 feet behind the base line. 
10. Rain games will be called off 1½ hour before game time. 
11. A team not present and ready to play 15 minutes after scheduled game time shall forfeit. 
12. Players must wear helmets with chinstraps when batting and running bases. The helmet must be worn until the batter is safely in the dugout. 
13. No jewelry will be permitted. 
14. An 11-inch ball will be used for all games. 
15. THIS IS A LEARNING LEAGUE. It is team optional to keep score, coaches option to turn off the scoreboard if the game is out of hand. 
16. Runners cannot advance once the ball gets inside the baselines, unless the runner or runners are already in the process of advancing. However they are doing so at there own risk. (Runners can attempt to score from third on a ground ball hit to the infield.) 
17. The home team will furnish both home plate & base umpires. Umpires must be a minimum of 16 years old. Ground rules will be discussed with the umpires and coaches before the start of the game. Coaches will discuss a call during the game with the umpire. 
18. A girl is eligible to play on the “C” team if she is in 4th grade or less on May 1st of the season of play. 
19. Tournament format will be assessed at the Spring Meeting on a yearly basis based on number of teams in league. 
19. NO metal spikes allowed only rubber spikes permitted. 
20. There will be a $35 late fee if league fees and team rosters are not in by June 1st and forfeit the sportsmanship award.
21. WIAA rules will be followed except for league rule changes. 
22. Clubs with multiple teams at the same level are to divide the teams equally by skill level. 
23. League fees are to be $30. 

Note: changes from 2015 to apply for the 2016 season (rule #8*) *new rule.
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