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Girls A Team



Game-Related Rules

1. The current WIAA rules will apply unless otherwise specified. 
2. The home team will furnish two raised seam YELLOW 12” balls for each game. One of these balls must be a new ball. 
3. A team may play 10 players in the field. They must all be in the batting order. All WIAA rules related to the minimum number of players still apply as per the rulebook. 
4. A team not present and ready to play 15 minutes after scheduled game time shall forfeit. 
5. The home team will furnish both the home plate umpire and the base umpire. Umpires will be a minimum of 16 years old. 
6. Any issues are to be settled on the spot, there will be no appeals to the league other than roster-related issues. Rules-related questions are to be settled by checking the rulebook. If the team with the question does not have a rulebook along, they are to accept the umpire’s ruling. 
7. An unlimited batting roster may be used without penalty for injury until there are less than 10 girls. If used, the unlimited roster must then be used for the entire game, barring injury. If the batting order consists of more than 10 girls, any player in the current batting order 
may serve as a defensive substitute at any time without penalty. 
8. Helmets and facemasks are to meet the standards defined in the rulebook and must include chinstraps. 
9. A 40’ pitching mound will be used (back corner of plate to front edge of pitching rubber) 
10. No metal spikes allowed, only rubber spikes permitted. 
11. No new inning shall be started after 2 hours of play. 

League-Related Rules 
1. A girl must be in the 8th grade or under to play “A” League softball on May 1st of the season of play. 
2. 9th graders will be allowed to play with the A Team if they do not play on a high softball school team. 
3. Team rosters & fees must be sent to the league secretary by June 1st. Include player’s name and grade. If a player moves into the area after June 1st, that player may be added to the roster. Failure to turn in either the team roster by June 1st will forfeit your team’s eligibility to receive the sportsmanship award and have a $35 late fee. 
4. Tournament will be Double Elimination. 
5. Clubs with multiple teams at the same level are to divide the teams equally by skill level. 
6. League fees are to be $50 per team. 

League Tournament Format and Playoff Rules: 
2011 Mid-Season Tournament Decision change- 

Current format info in paragraphs below: 

Decision was made in fall 2011 to have a league tournament anytime in June. Pairings are to be drawn from a hat and medals 
purchased by league. The tournament does not count as part of league standings. A four-team playoff is to be held to determine 
league champion at end of season. The top four teams based on league record make the playoffs. The playoffs will be seeded as 
per league record. In the semifinals, the fourth place team will visit the 1st place team and the 3rd place team will visit the 2nd 
place team. The winners will advance to a championship game to be played at the higher seed’s diamond. If at any time in the 
playoffs the higher seed cannot host the game, the lower seed will host instead. The league will schedule and pay for the 
umpires. The dates for the playoffs will be set at the spring meeting; the times will be set at a later date. All makeup games must 
be made up before the first playoff game if there is any chance the league game could affect the playoffs. 

In the event of a 2 team tie for any of the top 4 seeds, the tiebreaker is head to head winner during league play. 
In the event of a 3-team tie, the tiebreakers are as follows in this order: 

1. Head to head meetings involving the teams that are tied. 
2. Highest finish in the league tournament. 
3. Lowest total runs given up in the games played involving the teams that are tied. 
4. Playoff game to determine position. In the event of a playoff, a flip of the coin determines the home team and the home 
team supplies both umpires, of which at least one must be WIAA certified softball official. 

League will purchase medals for the league tournament. League will provide a traveling trophy for the League Champion. 

2014 change for future 
  • The league tournament will not be held in June. 
  • The tournament will be a seeded tourney at the end of the season. 
  • The seeding will be based off league record.
    • In the event of a 2-team tie for any seed, the tiebreaker is head to head winner during league play.
    1. In the event of a 3-team tie for any seed, the tiebreakers are as follows: 
      1. Record 
      2. Head to Head winner
      3. Blind Draw 
Note: changes from 2015 to apply for the 2016 season (rule #2)
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