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Girls A Team


1. WIAA rules will be followed except for league rule changes or additions.
2. Rosters are due by June 1st. No additions or changes can be made, unless a player moves into your community mid-season. Only players on your roster are eligible for tournament play.
3. Rosters not turned in by June 1 st will result in a $100 late fee per team. “A” league teams will drop a seed in the tournament, if the team is last seed, they will forfeit their first game.
4. Clubs with multiple teams at the same level are to divide the teams equally by skill level.
5. No metal spikes are allowed.
6. Home teams must supply both a home plate and base umpire. Umpires must be a minimum of 16 years old or certified. Ground rules will be discussed with the umpires and coaches before the start of the game. Coaches will discuss a call during the game with the umpire.
7. A team not present and ready to play 15 minutes after scheduled game time shall forfeit.
8. Rain games will be called off 1 ½ hours prior to game time.
9. Tournament brackets will be made by the Vice President and then sent to the hosting club. The club will then set times and dates. Leagues “A” and “B” will be a double elimination tournament.


1. A girl is eligible to play on the “A” team if she is in 9th grade or less on May 1st of the season of play, as long as they do not play high school softball.

2. The home team will furnish two raised seam yellow 12” balls for each game. One of these must be new.

3. A team may play 10 players in the field. They must all be in the batting order.

4. Batting rosters must follow WIAA rules or unlimited and must be used for the entire game.

5. The distance from the pitching mound to home plate will be 40’ from the back corner of home plate to the pitching mound.

6. No new inning shall be started after 2 hours of play.

7. Tournament will be double elimination.

8. Tournament is seeded at the end of the season.

9. The seeding will be based off league record a. In the event of a 2-team tie for any seed, the tiebreaker is head to head winner during league play. b. In the event of a 3-team tie for any seed, the tiebreakers are as follows: 1. Record. 2. Head to head winner. 3. Blind draw.

10. Scores must be turned in to the Vice President by both teams within 1 week after the game.

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