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7th Grade Midshore League

  • League fees: $250 per Team (Includes 2 dozen baseballs)
  • Diamonds should be 75 foot bases and 54 foot pitching rubber (Minors); 90 foot bases and 60 foot pitching rubber (Majors)
  • (7) inning games
  • Rubber spikes (Minors), Steel spikes (Majors)
  • Home team provides 2/3 game balls. 9” - 5oz. leather baseballs
  • Home team schedules and pays (2) Umps
  • Teams can be comprised of all 7th grade, all 8th grade, or any combination of both (Minors), 8th grade only (Majors)
  • Grade is determined by grade as of January 1, 2021
  • Complete team rosters must be submitted by May 21, 2021

Game Rules
  • Lead-offs and stealing are allowed; Balks will be called, but, a “slight” turn of the shoulder will be allowed.
  • Pitchers shall not pitch more than (80) pitches per game. Once one pitcher has reached this limit he must be pulled from the game and a new pitcher must replace him. No matter what the pitch count is on a current batter. Both teams should keep track of the pitch counts of all players used in a game. Also, it should be noted that any “pick-off” throw to 1st, 2nd or 3rd base shall not be counted as a pitch on the players pitch count. If any pitcher reaches 80 pitches in a single game he MUST have a full 2-day rest before pitching again. Pitchers should be limited to 160 pitches per week. Counts restart for playoff games.
  • Approved Bats:
    MINORS: USA Bat 2-3/4 and 2-5/8 barrel up to drop 11, USSSA 2-5/8 barrel up to -8 drop, BBCOR
    MAJORS: BBCOR, USSSA 2-3/4 and 2-5/8 barrel -5 drop ONLY
  • An (AH) additional hitter may be used. The AH will be inserted at the start of the game, “only”, and is considered a 10th starter, and the batting order must remain constant. The AH can be rotated to any field position, consistent with all position players. Using the AH is optional but it cannot be added once the game begins. If a Team has (10) players and uses the AH with a player getting hurt, that team will finish the game with (9) position players with no penalty. The injured player’s spot in the line-up will not be an out.
  • Re-entry - The starting (9) defensive players will be designated “players” and any player taking the place of a starter will be a substitute. A starter may be removed from the game and re-enter once except for a starting pitcher. A starting pitcher can re-enter the game just not back in the pitching position. The player must return to the same place in the batting order, but may move to different positions. A “substitute” may not re-enter the game once the player has been removed from the game. If roster batting is being used, player stays in the same lineup position throughout game.
  • Game time limit will not exceed 2 hours unless tied after 2 hours. No new inning will start after 2 hours of play in the regular season. Playoff games will be played out to the 7th inning no matter the time limit.
  • The 10-run rule will apply to all games after (5) innings, 4-1/2 if the Home team is ahead by 10 or more runs. There does not have to be equal at bats. “Sudden Death” rules will apply.
  • Overtime rules: Any tie game at 2 hours must continue using the Midshore Tie-breaker Rules. Starting the new inning in over time a runner (last out) will be placed at second base (with 1 out and no count) and full innings will be played until a winner is determined.
  • Re-scheduling postponed games is the responsibility of the Home team. If a game is called because of darkness, it is considered “suspended” and shall be restarted at a later date. In the event of a “rain-out”, please try to give a 2 hour notice if at all possible. If a game is called by rain or lightening before (4) full innings are play, the game should be re-scheduled, starting a new game.
  • Two umpires are required per game. Minimum age will be (16) years of age. At least one of the umpires should be certified, and should be designated the Home Plate ump. For the “Regular Season” games, each Home team will be responsible for paying the umpires what they feel is a fair amount, but $45 is the suggested rate. During the POST SEASON TOURNAMENT, $45 will be paid to each umpire.
  • Player/Coach Ejection - In the event of a player/coach/assistant coach being ejected from a game, he must leave the park at that time and sit out the Team’s next game as well. Good judgment is always expected by both players and coaches as well as fans.
  • A courtesy runner may be used for the catcher with (0 or 1) out. However, should be used after (2) outs to help keep the game moving at a crisp pace. This is not considered a substitution. A substitute player must be used until all subs have entered the game, and at that point, the player who made the last out can be used. This is a very good tool to keep the pace of the game brisk. The on-deck batter should always be alert and stand in the on-deck circle that is facing the batter’s back. The on-deck batter must be in the circle before the first pitch is thrown. If there are 2 outs, a courtesy runner may be used for the pitcher but that player should be the player that resulted in the second out of the inning.
  • ALL catchers are required to wear a protective cup and the coaches are encouraged to have all position players wear one as well.
  • Pitchers are allowed a max of (7) warm-up tosses to start the game and (5) for each successive inning. Coaches must remove the pitcher if (2) mound visits are taken in the same inning.
  • OPTIONAL Coaches have the option to use roster batting in league games. This MUST be decided before the first pitch of the game..
  • And finally; play hard, hustle and have fun playing "AMERICA's game". Good luck to all, and let's play ball.....